Stained Marble Table Top

Stained Marble Table Top Before and After

This beautiful Marble Table Top belonged to a lady living in Sturminster Newton whose slate floor I was restoring and she happened to ask me about the surface staining. She had had a quote from a stone mason who had said he would take it away, grind it, and bring it back which as you can imagine would not of been cheap.

Stained Marble Table Top Before

Polishing a Marble Table Top

Unlike the stone mason I was able to restore the Table Top without moving it from the dining room using a set of six inch burnishing pads. I started the process with a yellow polishing pad with a water and then moved onto a green pad applied with a fine water spay. The results were outstanding; it’s unfortunate however that the results of my photography wasn’t as good otherwise you could appreciate the results more. The customer was very pleased In fact she had this table and her 30sqm of Slate floor restored for less than the stonemason wanted to restore her table top.

Stained Marble Table Top After

Stained Marble Table Top re-polished in Sturminster_Newton

Stained Marble Table Top
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